February 25, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

While we physically received about a foot of lovely, heavy, wet spring-style snow at my house yesterday, the skies are clear and blue right now...it's gorgeous - the kind of day I live for. Crisp, clear air, sparkling, glistening snow all around, knowing I'm safe and snug in my home...if it was just me all day, I'd be out for a walk right now, bundled up, tromping along, enjoying the insane silence, yet amazing acoustics a wintry day like this affords.

But I'm not alone - the girls will be done at school in just a little bit, so I'm frantically trying to capture this amazing moment in my mind.

Recently, I earned my Certified Fitness Trainer status.  And about 14 years ago, I became a Mary Kay Consultant.  Over the last years, I've had booming success and trickling orders with Mary Kay.  I've worked hard, and taken it easy and had the results that would go along with that.  I've half-heartedly put in effort and lamented the lack of results.  I've struggled with following through and following up.

However, after last week's epiphany, I've taken a good, long, hard look at things in my life.  I don't just want my marriage to be healed and successful, I want my other relationships to be healthy and flourish.  My businesses can't grow if I'm not a good relational person.  In turning over the new leaf, being a new person and letting go of the old bad habits, and building new good habits, I'm committing to being more organized (yes, me, more organized), more task-oriented, more focused on details that will lead me to the big picture.

It's all very well to sit here and say "I'm going to earn money working from my own home on my own hours to help earn back all the money that has been spent frivolously during my marriage!" But without knowing my skills and abilities, without knowing and clearly stating what I can and will offer clients, without building a good relationship with clients (whether existing or potential), without clearly stating how much I can and am willing to work (sacrificing time with my husband and children), without having a system in place that details the steps it will take to provide said services and products...well, I'm just dreaming, building castles in the air.

Therefore, I'm working on creating a detailed plan of action - taking the large benchmarks, and breaking them down, then breaking them down again, and again, and again until I've got a clear picture, a step-by-step instruction manual of all aspects of my life and responsibilities.

Basically, I just wrote a job-description that encompasses about 17 different "job titles", breaking down responsibilities and time-tables as well as creating an actual schedule of events.

Yup, I just spent 2 hours writing an instruction manual on how to be the at-home parent who is attempting to own and operate 2 business from home, while rearing three children, keeping house, and being a Godly wife.

I have also spent many hours praying, reading the Scriptures, and seeking God's plan for this endeavor.  I firmly believe His answer has been received loudly and clearly - since I prayed specifically for direction and guidance, for a clear sign of approval that this is the way in which I can earn some income and therefore peace of mind and healing in my marriage, I've signed 2 new training clients, begun a sponsorship of Princess' dance studio and will be providing cosmetics to the Studio as well as a Modeling agency based out of Northern Colorado...

Never in my wildest dreams would I have though this would happen. Certainly not in less than 3 days!!! God is amazing, and when He rains down blessings, He lets them pour out!

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