May 14, 2012


From my self-imposed To-Do list that is...

I have scheduled an appointment to have an HVAC company come in on Wednesday to run new supply and return lines in our as-yet unfinished basement...This means that in addition to my "normal" chores, I have to insure that there are clear paths, and a safe working space for a crew of guys that will be in my house on Wednesday morning at 8:30...

There's really not that much to do when I look at each task individually.  It's just that I have a LOT of individual tasks...I'm rattling them off below, not because I want sympathy, but because I need to make sure I'm not forgetting something!

  • Laundry
  • Iron
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Sweep & Mop floors
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Change bedding
  • Clean playroom
  • Move tubs out of storage room against wall not being touched
  • move empty shelves in storage room out from under trunk lines
  • move tubs to empty shelves
  • clear trash out of basement, and into garage
  • sweep and vacuum floors in basement
  • change cat litter
  • clean up yard from dog that no longer lives with us (don't ask!)
  • mow grass
  • pull weeds
  • water veggie gardens
  • trim yard
  • water new flower pots
Granted, only the basement things MUST be done prior to Wednesday morning, but I'm feeling so horribly behind.

I said don't ask about the dog, but I'll tell you may remember that BB surprised us by bringing home a 1-year old dog from the local shelter about a month ago...well, after weeks of attempting to train, and work with the dog, potty train Littlest One, keep up with housework, and other things that I generally do, it was discovered that Captain and Princess were afraid of the dog.  In his defense, the dog never did anything to cause fear - no lunging, biting, barking, etc...they were just afraid because he was still acting like a puppy - jumpy, clumsy, excited to play, not listening to commands, and he is a BIG dog!

So, BB and I had a LONG heart to heart about our kids not feeling comfortable in their own home, and what options we had.  Not wanting to own a dog that simply ran around our yard, unable to be enjoyed or played with, unable to go with us places...or to own a dog that was confined to one room in our house, and led by leash to go to the bathroom...or take him back to the shelter so someone else can give him a home and the attention he needs to be trained and made into a polite dog!

Saturday, after he ate Captain's brand new fleece pullover, Littlest One's hat, and a baseball (all in about 5 minutes of being left out of his crate but confined to my laundry room), I'd had it.  SO, we loaded up the dog, drove back to the shelter, and returned him.  Nothing quite like facing the eyes of people who think animals are as important as people (don't go there today!), knowing that you're giving back an animal...because you don't want your kids to be afraid.

It was a good thing that we went shopping for flowers and plants afterward, because I was feeling like a big old schmuck and failure...I don't like to quit, and knew I could have trained the was just too much at this moment in time!

SO, now I've got time to do things, and don't have to keep checking on a dog every 10 minutes, I can actually devote time, uninterrupted to my house and family again (not in that order mind you!)...

And so, I'm logging off and getting BUSY!

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