May 10, 2012

Mountains Out of Molehills

Have you ever noticed that some people are always in crisis mode?  No matter what seems to be going on in their lives, it is an emergency of epic proportions.  The world is ending, civilization is crumbling, destruction looming right in front of us (sorry, I ran out of alliterative phrases there)...

Then there are those that apologize for the things going on in their lives that are negative - as though children in the hospital with pneumonia are somehow less important than the sliver in someone else's finger.  They abase themselves, always seeming to be ashamed or afraid that something has gone wrong or is out of their control.

I have trouble with both kinds of people - somehow, both are attention-seeking in my mind.

Of course, I have my own issues, and somehow seem to lose sight of the bigger picture during what I perceive as a crisis.

I sometimes wonder if I come across as a Chicken Little anytime something is going on in my world that is out of my control, or something that comes when I'm already facing heightened stress levels...and I turn into this stark-raving lunatic, running around in circles screaming out "The sky is falling!  The SKY is FALLING!!!"

For example, the other day, Captain was warming up at baseball with the dad of a teammate.  As soon as I heard that tell-tale "pinggg!" I KNEW the father had brought a standard baseball - SO not cool.  Tee-ball is played with a baseball-sized's a bit squishy, a bit heavier, but if anyone gets hit by it, it hurts a heck of a lot less, much less chance for dangerous injuries.

BB and I sort of let it slide - after all, we didn't have a soft ball of our own with us (the ONE thing we'd not brought with us), and what could possibly happen, right?  Well, somehow, Captain, in his early stages of learning the game, somehow managed to get hit by that baseball, right on his hands which were gripping the bat.  We're lucky he didn't break a finger or two.  He only ended up with a large blood blister on the pad of his ring finger and a nasty bruise.

However, after we got home from the day at the fields, I sort of lost it.  How could this dad NOT know he had a hard ball????  How could he endanger little children like that???  What if something serious had happened?  We were MILES from the nearest medical facility...all I could picture in my head was concussion, coma, spinal injury, dead son...

It was awful, and it ate at me all day Monday and Tuesday...

I was speaking with a good friend who actually did lose a child to a tragic accident, and realized that something like Captain's finger getting smashed was NOTHING compared to what might have happened but DIDN'T actually happen.

I had created this mountain out of a molehill, and it was taking over my head...

I did not like what I'd become, and have decided that I really need some assistance with this.

What, in your world, would constitute an actual panic-inducing moment??

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Penny said...

I went totally balistic on a parent once..when my youngest son was like 14 or 15..he had gone to spend the night with a friend..he had stayed with this friend several times before, so I was ok and was assured that the parents of this boy were in control, would be know the drill...the next morning was Sunday, so I called this boys house to talk to my son to make arrangements to pick him up after church to make a trip to another town for shopping..the Mom answered the phone and said to me, NO..he is not here...I said well is your son home? cause my son is supposed to be with your son..yes, she says, he is here...I said can I talk to him? he gets on the phone and I ask where is my son? He says he cant tell me?? WHAT???? I get Mom back on the phone and tell her to find out where in the hell my son is since he was supposed to be at her house!! She says in a calm voice..let me me ask him again..I am in way over panic mode!! Just as she comes back on the phone, I hear car door slam and my son comes strolling up the sidewalk...I hang up the phone and proceed to tell the whole neighborhood that obviously my son was not where he was supposed to be and since I was in panic mode I used that forbidden 4 letter word!! he then explained he was at said friend's brother's brother is like 21 and has his own place. the friend had been there too, but he came home and left my son at the brother's house..needless to say you know what hit the fan and I was soon on the phone with the friend's Mom too..apparently she thought I was making too much of it, but let me tell you that for the few minutes that I didnt know where my son was and this kid wasnt going to tell me...I was in total panic mode!!!