May 16, 2012

Cue the Theme Song from "Rocky"!

This morning, I feel like Rocky Balboa must have when he finally made it to the top of those iconic stairs...accomplishment, power, strong as all get-out!

Monday I mentioned my list...and I will admit freely here, that my house mostly looks as though it blew up, threw up, a tornado went through it...BUT the basement is an organized, if scattered place.  It is CLEAN.  There currently are only some pieces of wood, and metal floating around, as the HVAC guys are here installing our supply and return lines so our eventually-to-be-finished basement can be listed as "liveable space" and counted in our total square footage, increasing the value of our home, blah blah blah, and giving us another 1300 square feet of house to live in.  I know, I know...that is a LOAD of space...and really, I guess the whole area won't be for living in, BUT, the kiddos will have a dedicated play area that is carpeted, with cabinets for their toys, games, books, and puzzles, a table for building Lego creations, coloring, Play-doh, and playing those games and putting those puzzles together.  It will be in a completely different area of my house - so they can leave things built and out, and during the hot part of the day, they can lounge on beanbags and watch videos that I've seen a billion times in peace and comfort in our basement.  It means that during the super cold days, they'll have a snug place to stay busy and be creative and enjoy one another's company (like how I'm spinning that?!?!)

It also means that I will have a space on the main floor that is PURELY for hanging out as a family - a true FAMILY room.

The basement will also afford us a dedicated space for all our exercise gear - DVDs, equipment, large pieces like my treadmill, the heavy bag (for kickboxing), and the Bowflex.  We'll have a TV with DVD player, so I can work out in the basement, have clients and actually WORK my training business indoors and not feel weird having folks in my concrete dungeon...

It means that we'll have a space for sleepovers, complete with a hide-a-bed, and plenty of floor space to hang out.

It means that as the kids get older, we can get a ping-pong table, or a pool table, and have a game room where we can watch movies on the giant screen, play pool, have parties...

Anyway...Monday afternoon, I was totally unmotivated, and sort of putzed my way through organizing and moving things around.  Tuesday morning, I realized that I had only part of the day, due to our normally scheduled activities...and I hit High Gear.

By 11am, when it was time to go get Captain from School, I had emptied shelves, moved shelving units, and thoroughly vacuumed my basement.  Yes, I cleaned before workmen came to make a mess...I know...silly, right? the time we got all the toys picked up, put in their place, moved things out of the storage area, and stacked elsewhere, there was cat litter dust, general dust, construction debris, and trash ALL OVER the floor.  It was gross...and I knew that after these guys are done I'm going to want to clean it all again, before putting things away, it just made sense to get as much of the junk cleared out beforehand as possible.

SO - by the time dance class for Princess rolled around, I'd cleaned the entire basement, hauled about 5 loads of garbage to our trash bin for pick-up, watered my garden boxes, watered the patched areas of grass (seed mix), filled the gas tank on the truck, done 2 loads of laundry, and gotten dinner in the crock-pot.

This morning, I've already done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned all 3 bathrooms, swept and vacuumed my floors, and am getting ready to change the bedding in the kids' rooms.

I'm not sure what changed between this last weekend and yesterday morning...Oh wait!  I do!  We no longer have an dog that needs almost-constant supervision!!!

Isn't that the dumbest thing you've ever heard?  That a dog was what was keeping me from being productive?

At any rate, me and Rocky Balboa will be at the top of those stairs...hope you can come and join us!

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