March 06, 2012

One Small Step

So far this week has been a total bust as far as my "To Do" list goes...I promised myself that while the kids napped on Sunday afternoon (which was shortly after BB left for the airport), I'd head to the basement and begin my self-inflicted task of The Great Basement Clean Out of 2012...instead, I sat and watched NASCAR and talked to BB on the phone until he boarded the plane.

By that time, the kids were awake, and ready for dinner. Which meant I prepared and served our dinner. Then we did KP. Then we had baths. Then I tucked the kids in. Then BB called to say he'd made it safely to the hotel and was all checked in. Then we tested Skype which didn't work (and has never really worked now that I think of it. Stupid program). That led us to test our Google Video Chat, which did work. So then we video chatted for awhile.

Next thing I knew it was close to midnight!!!

Monday saw a day of driving hither and yon (yes, I really just said that) getting Captain and Princess to school, running errands for BB and our basement finishing project, and getting Captain and Princess from school, getting lunch, doing about 14 loads of laundry (fine, it was only 3, but it felt like 14!), and then it was time for dinner again! Post dinner included a chance to have the kids chat with BB via the computer, and then it was bedtime. I went downstairs and started moving things around, and before I knew it, it was almost midnight again!!!

Today was a totally wasted day...remember those shoes I said I wore out? I decided I need to replace them. I also needed to replace my sneakers (tennis shoes? hmmmm...). I also had to go to our locally owned home improvement store to pick up our specially ordered Roxul brand of soundproofing insulation that will go into our basement ceiling. If you ever watch "Income Property" with Scott McGillivray, you know of that which I speak...totally awesome stuff made of crushed stone and natural fibers that has a fire rating of 3 hours and completely blocks sound! I'm least I was until they could only load half of our order into the truck. That meant a trip home to unload it, another trip to get the rest and then a trip to the sporting goods store, where I spent 90 minutes trying out shoes!!! The last time I spent 90 minutes trying on shoes, I was buying my Doc Martens. And that was my sophomore year of college! (I still have those Farmie - wear them often in fact...) Needless to say, I am never buying athletic shoes from the big box store again. I will drive the miles to the store that sells one brand - theirs - made in the USA (the only shoe brand that can claim that distinction by the way!), and get the same model number I had 2 pair ago. Those things were workhorses man - they lasted my 32 months. The reason I replaced them? It was more expensive to get them resoled by the company than to buy a new pair...yeah, they're that awesome. But, I digress. I actually tried on 14 pairs of SNEAKERS people...not 14 pair of Manolo's, or Steve Maddens, or Docs...14 pairs of Mizunos, Asics, Nike, Reebok. And did you know that you can get Under Armour brand shoes now? And who decided that running shoes should be mud puddle gray with 80's neon yellow accents? I tried on basketball shoes, I tried on volleyball shoes, I tried on crosstrainers, I tried on running shoes that were "stable", some that were "free", some that were hybrid. I did not, however try on the foot glove shoe things that mimic running barefoot...just couldn't do it...When did it get so crazy to buy sneakers for goodness sake? I settled on a pair of last year's model of Nike Cross Trainers that were marked down to $30, then had been marked just yesterday at "take another 30% off", and then I had some loyalty rewards in the form of a $20 gift card. I paid out of pocket something like $0.14. Totally great. However, it was then time to run to pick up Captain. After that, we headed home, had lunch, and I "forced" my children, cruelly, to clean up their toys in the basement were naps, wherein I cleaned the main level - dusted, vacuumed, swept, mopped (ok, steam cleaned) and scrubbed my sinks and toilets. Then it was time to take Princess to dance class, zip home, make, serve and eat dinner, load up the kids and take Capt to AWANA. We came home, I folded more laundry, cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, put the girls to bed, had the neighbor girl come over and sit so I could pick Capt up. I got him tucked into bed, and decided that I was not going to the basement to continue moving things.

I'm tired, I'm just not motivated...

However, after a solid night of sleep, I'll be getting up and working out, getting the kids ready, attending Bible Study, and then, after lunch, while the kids watch a movie, I'll finish my Phase 1 - my office space. After bedtime, I'll begin emptying out the storage room, and Thursday morning I can begin the cleaning of the storage room - get all the dust and gunk out, so Thursday afternoon I can begin putting the things that are already nicely sorted, organized, and packed away into their homes on shelves. Thursday night I can do a massive sort/purge/organize, so that Friday I can go to big box club warehouse to buy cheap storage containers that are clear, ginormous, and have locking lids. Friday afternoon I'll pack all that we're keeping away and get it back onto shelves. I'll load up large recyclables, and make a run before dinnertime. That will leave the basement ready for BB to bust out some minor repairs, run the electrical wiring, and begin the oh-so-fun task of installing fire stops and insulation in our ceiling.

I'm excited for the end result of the organized storage room, the purged papers and junk, the finished space and the start of the next Phase...

I'm apparently not so excited that I'm the only one doing the work...

What things do you have in your life like that?

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