March 08, 2012

Warning: Political Rant to Follow!

I try really hard not to air my political views in places such as Facebook or this blog. I think that there ought to be someplace in the world where we are not inundated with the opinions and viewpoints that we are wrong because we believe differently. Therefore, I am apologizing in advance if I use any offensive language in this post.

I am extremely perturbed right now...I am sick to death of hearing Rush Limbaugh get blasted for calling someone promiscuous for having "so much sex that they're going broke paying for birth control".

Uh, I beg your pardon, but if you're having sex so frequently, that you need the "Morning After Pill" that many times that you're running out of money to pay for it, what do you think you are? A modern woman? BULLSHIT!!!

And to expect the government to require your insurance provider (something you are NOT required to participate in, by the way!!!) to cover the expense???? OH MY GRACIOUS SAKES!!!

OK...let me back up a bit here...

I am a conservative, Bible-believing, born-again Christian. I believe that the Bible is the word of God given to man as a living, breathing document, in which are contained the rules and regulations by which we are to live. I believe that there are things that are just WRONG (lying, cheating, gossiping, stealing, killing, extra-marital sex, homosexuality, addiction, substance abuse, abuse period to name a few). That being said, I also know that when God had to boot Adam and Eve from Eden, our sinful nature - our ability to choose right or wrong in every situation - was flipped to the "on" position. We are created with the desire, the void, the need for God. Unfortunately, we are inundated on every side by things that we use as a substitute.

With that little picture in mind, let me tell you that I do not believe in abstinence-only sex-ed courses in school. Quite frankly, I don't think the school system should be teaching our children anything other than the mechanics of the human reproductive system in classroom time, but I also realize that is an unrealistic picture...I believe, as with anything, that it is better to say "here are the facts - when people have sex, there is the chance that the girl will conceive. There is a chance, every time you have sex, that you will get an STD (I REFUSE to call them STI's...). There are things you can to CUT DOWN THE CHANCES that you will get an STD or that a girl will get pregnant. The only way to ELIMINATE THOSE CHANCES is to NOT HAVE SEX."

I do NOT believe that an employer should be required to offer coverage of contraception if they are a religiously-based employer. If an employee wants their insurance to cover their contraception, don't work for a company that believes contraception is something that ought not to be used. If you don't agree with the basic philosophy your employer embraces, perhaps you should seek another job - I would!

I am tired of seeing people who hold conservative beliefs labeled as ignorant, backwards, stupid, jerks, assholes, dumbf*&ks and the like.

Guess what? I am entitled to my own opinion and beliefs. I don't call you an ass because you're liberal and think that Americans are endowed with the right to life, liberty and the assurance of happiness...last time I checked, it says "the pursuit of happiness". No one said if I pursue it, I'm guaranteed to get it.

I am also tired of seeing Americans allow the government to legislate what we can eat, drink, sell, say, write, or even legislate the manner in which we raise our children.

I am not advocating anarchy, just that we are slowly allowing ourselves to become engulfed in an Orwellian society a la 1984!

Big Brother is alive and well in Washington D.C. - our elected officials rarely actually represent the people by whom they were elected, but rather choose to represent those who footed the bill for their campaigns.

I think that forthwith, every single elected official should forgo their salary. Until such a time as our budget is actually balanced and deficit spending is stopped. Until such a time as we stop attacking one another and actually work together for the good of the common man. Until such a time as we realize that when we allow people to break the rules, no matter their station in life, we are undermining our own selves. Until such a time as we can set aside our personal agendas and actually have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Until such a time as there aren't handouts for people who aren't willing to work.

I'm sorry, but I have a strong opinion about people who abuse the welfare system. I know there are truly those who need assistance from things like WIC, or State Aid. I also know there are plenty more out there who see that the more kids they have, the more money they get, and the less they actually have to do to attempt to care for their own families. I know there are a lot more who are substance abusers, who have falsified their documents, and are actually here illegally. I know that there are those who are working as hard as they can to provide for their families.

I also know that there are people out there making 6-figure salaries that are wallowing in debt, thinking that they are entitled to have gross abundance of unnecessary things.

I am not promoting socialism, communism, capitalism, or any other "ism"...

I think we, as a Nation, have completely lost sight of that which our Founding Fathers envisioned - a Nation wherein we are not subjected to the whims of a tyrant who happened to be born into the "right" family. A Nation wherein the voice of every person is valued. A Nation in which we, the people, can speak our opinions and ideas, and have them be heard. A Nation which stood for equality, not special treatment of the few. A Nation which would fight for right and freedom. A Nation governed by men and women that realize their position is one to be taken seriously, with great responsibility, not kowtowing to the biggest pocketbook in the arena. A Nation that allows its citizens to have many mid-level freedoms, so that the smaller and larger freedoms would not be missed (such as the freedom to have a firearm in your house, but NOT the freedom to use it randomly to kill people).

I could go on for days and days on this, but I won't.

I just get so mad that our Federal Government is still acting like a bunch of spoiled children who've been told they can't have a cookie before dinner...

If I, as a non-college graduate, can keep my family of 5 living BELOW the income BB brings in, that we spend less than we earn, that we work our butts off to take care of the home in which we live - keeping it in good repair, looking neat and tidy inside and out - caring for our possessions, and raising children who not only know right from wrong, but understand why we choose the right, and not the wrong, then surely these men and women with several degrees, and lots of money should be able to work together right?

I seriously think I'm running for President in 2016...maybe a stay-at-home Mom of 3 can whip this Nation back into shape...because the man in office now has done a lousy job of creating a good work environment and helping his team to work together in harmony to create a great place to live!


Layla said...

I totally respect your beliefs, but I have to disagree about contraceptives. Pharmaceuticals are pharmaceuticals, and I don't think any employer should be able to determine which pharma's their insurance will or won't carry, based on their principles. Viagra, anyone? Unnecessary and as far as I can tell, not banned as an offering anywhere. Double standards tick me off more than anything, especially when it comes to female issues v. male issues.

My general political/government philosophy is that I live for me, and I worry about my life choices, and my government - for better or worse - has no right to dictate my life choices and therefore I don't want them to dictate them for anyone else, either.

I heard it put best recently - "saying someone can't marry because it violates your principles is like my saying you can no longer eat donuts because it violates my diet." In other words, don't like it? Don't do it. But don't worry about what I'm doing.

I guess I'm a crunchy conservative, although I don't fit anywhere these days and wouldn't vote for a single person running at this time. Perhaps I'm just a non-religious conservative, and that is a very lonely thing to be.

Inkling said...

I have issues with anyone believing that the government should pay for what they want/need without some effort (e.g. employment) from them. I'm with you on people needing to show personal responsibility. (He who does now work shall not eat.) But I do have to chime in with Layla on the contraceptive part.

I had horrible ovarian cysts rupture more than a few times, to the point where I was pretty certain my appendix was bursting. I was doubled over in pain and can now say after giving birth that it was actually MORE painful than labor. What stopped those cysts from forming and rupturing and helped put my body on the road to being able to be hormonally balanced (so that my cycles are no longer whenever the heck they want to happen but are now at predictable levels).......the Pill. I was on it for several years, and was thankful to have insurance to pick up the tab. And I taught in Christian schools at the time.

The argument that religious employers should not have to pay for contraception to be included on insurance is a slippery slope. For instance, my last employer believed that ADD and depression were merely sins and not medically related. If they had decided not to cover any condition or medicine for those conditions based on the idea that they were caused by sinful behavior, I would probably have driven off a bridge during that year. And I'm totally serious when I say that. My last year teaching happened to coincide with a broken engagement and the second deepest depression I've ever experience to date. The ability to see a psychiatrist and get medicine to help me along with counseling and other coping skills kept me from taking my own life.

That is the slippery slope we're dealing with. I believe that if an employer is going to offer insurance, it needs to cover basic, medically accepted interventions and medicines. It is not their job to decide what diseases they will cover, whether it's contraception or drugs for mental illness. It IS their job, however, to decide if my behavior and character line up with the type of person they want to have representing their organization. And that can be done without bringing medical insurance into the picture.

Rush Limbaugh spoke at my graduation and my brother remembers him as being funny. The only thing I know about him is that he could use Beth Moore's study on James, specifically the third chapter. His tongue needs to be reined in on more than just this. And I'm not buying his excuse that he's there for entertainment or some shock factor, allowing him to speak in such ungentleman-like ways. He and others like Ann Coulter could have good solid arguments for what they believe without being crass, name calling, unkind speakers. There is a power in speaking the truth that they have lost because they have sunk to a low level of crudeness.

Queen Mother said...

I agree with what you have said.
I believe you and others like you would do this country a great deal of good.