November 05, 2011

Taming the Tongue

Well, it's been awhile.

To keep it succinct - the entire family has been sick since shortly after my last post. Littlest One had a tummy thing that morphed into a weird and scary rash that turned out to be Hand Foot and Mouth. No, we did NOT have Mad Cow disease, we are not in danger and no one is dying. However! Two days later Captain broke out, two days after that, Princess got it, and by last Saturday night I had it. Sunday found BB covered with by far the worst case, on top of a nasty stomach bug (or perhaps in conjunction with it).

After what felt like a bazillion trips to the doctor's offices and the pharmacy (first we were diagnosed with a bacterial infection), and being snowed upon heavily twice, once with oodles of broken tree branches to clean up in addition to heavy wet snow to shovel, my parents "rescuing" us with a few necessities in the grocery department, and literally disinfecting every inch of my house, washing every article of clothing, all our bedding, pillows, towels, and area rugs, and spraying our shoes inside and out with Lysol to kill anything living, I was wiped out!

My infection not only affected my hands and feet, but, indeed included my mouth - my throat was covered in sores, and, thinking I had a case of Strep, had a culture taken and the lovely nurse swabbed my throat so hard that she opened them all. For 4 days I felt as though I'd swallowed broken glass followed by lemon juice and salt...I was actually concerned I'd have to check into the hospital because I couldn't eat or drink anything!

It was scary and overwhelming, and frustrating...

BB worked from home for the last 8 days, the kids were out of school, and I actually didn't leave the house from the 25th until the late afternoon of the 28th, and then we didn't leave again until yesterday when I told BB that he had to get himself to the point where he could take care of the kids so I could go to the bank and the grocery.

I was finally able to start eating again on Thursday, and even then it was things like yogurt and Jell-O and protein drinks.

I know I said I was hoping to lose some weight, but a 4-day fast is NOT what I'd recommend.

thanks for your thoughts, curiosity and prayers since my last point.

Oh, and my birthday? A big deal was indeed made of it...just not in the way I'd envisioned. Instead of being pampered and treated like a queen, I was instead, working like a drudge to care for my sick family.

I know God has blessed us with the ability to have me be at home full-time, and for BB to work remotely as needed, and thankfully, He has also blessed us with awesome medical insurance which covered a lot of visits to many doctors and many things from the pharmacies...and He's also blessed us with the amazing ability to heal - Littlest One has no evidence on the skin of this infection, and all three kids are fully back to 100% health!

BB and I, after only a week are already healing as well...

I will, in the future, watch what I ask for...


Kat said...

So sorry to hear of you and your family's illness! I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I think it shows a lot of maturity on your part to be able to recognize and count your blessings during a difficult time. I hope this upcoming week is a MUCH better one for you and you continued to heal up quickly.

Penny said...

OH MY GOSH!!! I am so sorry that you have had to deal with all that stuff!! I will definitly say extra prayers for you all and I hope you are all back to normal asap!