August 15, 2011


I really ought to be sleeping. Or at least heading in that direction.

Captain starts Kindergarten this week. Princess is itching to get back to preschool. Littlest One has an EEG on Wednesday. I have a plethora of garden produce to harvest and then make edible in some form or fashion. I have about 6 loads of laundry to do. My books are still sitting in boxes waiting for me to unpack and shelve them. Littlest One's next size of clothing is washed, dried, folded and sitting in tubs in front of her closet doors waiting to be put away. Princess has a stack of dresses laying on her closet floor in need of hangers. I need to label Captain's school supplies and clear out our utility room so the kids have their places for their backpacks, shoes, coats etc. I have a pile of ironing that is about 3 feet deep. I have bathrooms to scrub, floors to wash, furniture to dust.

And tonight, sitting here, all I can think of is how nice it would be to take a long soak in a bubble bath...the kind where you sit there til the water is cold and the bubbles are gone and you're so wrinkly your kids could mistake you for a raisin...


Alright...I'm going to bed now.

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