August 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Well, the school supplies are all labeled, the uniform pieces are laundered and put away. The backpack and shoes are lined up in the utility room.

I've got the books out of the boxes, but not on the shelves...

I'm still just feeling sort of burned out, and am sort of antsy for the end of this month - wherein Princess will be in school two days a week.

I'm seriously considering bypassing the Moms group this fall - it starts at 9:30, and is over at 11:30. Captain is done with school at 11:15. I'd have to leave to pick the girls up from class and load them in the car and be leaving by 11. I'm contemplating if it's really worth the money I'd be paying to only get to spend a bit more than an hour there...

In other news - Littlest One's EEG is tomorrow morning. Please be praying for us - she has to have a half-night's sleep, and stay awake til 9:45, when the appointment starts, at which point she is supposed to sleep - with the little things glued to her head...Yeah...that's my thought exactly!

Anyway - your prayers are much appreciated, for the preparation tonight and tomorrow morning, for the test itself, for the doctors to get the information quickly and read it accurately, for our hearts and minds to be at ease as we place our precious baby in God's hands. Again.

I know that parenting is tough - full of emotional ups and downs, heart-wrenching moments, joy, terror...but I do not ever expect it to become any easier to see my children in pain of any sort - especially when things are outside my control...

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