August 11, 2011

Please Pray for Littlest One

Littlest One had a seizure Tuesday morning. She was fine one second, and the next, she was on her back on the family room floor, not breathing, lips blue, twitching...

Right now, she's fine. She was not unconscious long enough to be concerned with brain damage. Her motor skills, and cognitive abilities are all back to 100% (and were within a few hours of the event). Our pediatrician sees that she is normal.

We do, however, still have to have an EEG and see a neurologist.

Please pray for the upcoming visits - EEG is the 17th, and the consultation is the 31st of this month.

We don't have any restrictions, we can carry on normally with our lives.

She had no fever, no injuries, no falls, no exposure to any odd visual cues or sounds, no exposure to toxic chemicals.

Please pray for us that we're one of the families that has a one-time episode and that is all.

Please pray for BB and I to not be consumed by our fears and worries. God has us all in His hands, and His ways are not ours. Please pray for the doctors to have the answers we need, and that our visits go smoothly.

We spent a very overwhelming 4 hours at the hospital, and very intense afternoon and night of wakeful watching over her.

Since our follow up with our pediatrician, we do not have to be with her 24 hours a day, but we are to keep a "heightened state of monitoring" until we get the results of the EEG. At the end of the month. This means that if she is awake, either BB or I must be in the same room with her in case she has another seizure.

This means that I can't run around and do things like clean a bathroom, or change the bedding unless she is in the room with me.

This means that I now have a total of 4 hours maximum each day to do things when she is sleeping that require my being in a different location in the house.

That said, I'm logging off, and taking advantage of her being asleep to shuffle some things around on a bookcase or 3 and get some of my old books back into circulation, since I won't be hitting our local library any time before September.

I appreciate your prayers and well-wishes. Please understand if I don't respond right away.


Penny said...

my prayers are with you..for comfort and peace...try to keep us posted...

Layla said...

You are all in my prayers! I hope and pray everything is okay.