July 12, 2011

Dear Elected Officials

I am writing this here on my blog first, because there are a million thoughts and lots of anger and frustration swirling through my head right now. If I ever work out the kinks, you'd better bet EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU will get a copy of this letter.

I am ashamed of how you are acting. Every single person that has been elected to the Federal Level, and a vast majority of State Level elected officials are acting as though they are in Kindergarten and have to share their favorite toy.

I am furious that you are sitting there, in the Nation's Capitol, FIGHTING over whether or not America should dig Herself deeper into debt. You are gambling my future, the future of my parents, my children, my friends, my neighbors, total strangers and generations yet to come because you cannot act as an adult and make sacrifices.

Let me explain something to you - YOU CANNOT MAKE EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN HAPPY. It just doesn't work that way.

We are not a nation that needs babysitting. We do not need to be told that eating fried foods, lots of salt, drinking caffeine or alcohol, indulging in drugs, or smoking are bad for us. We ALL KNOW. What we NEED is to have you act responsibly and in the best interest of those who actually voted. NOT YOUR PARTY. Your Constituents. That's right - it doesn't matter if you wear Red, Blue, a donkey, an elephant, or sport a tea bag in your little brain. I don't care what party you chose back in your foray into politics.

I do not care how much money your family has, how far back you can trace your family tree, and how many politicians and/or lawyers came in the generations before you. None of that matters, except to make you work harder to prove your worth to the American public.

Please grow up. Realize that being an elected official is a huge honor, an enormous responsibility. Not a right or privilege because of your last name, race, gender, or connections.

Now that you are aware of what you are doing wrong, allow me to tell you what you should do to rectify this situation IMMEDIATELY.

Starting at once - every single one of you should forgo your salary. I elected you to represent me. NOT GET PAID A FREAKING FAT PAYCHECK TO SIT ON YOUR BUTT AND FILIBUSTER ALL DAY LONG.

Once you have forgone your salary, give up your protective details. Then, find your pet project, fund, group, cause, whatever and CUT SPENDING TOWARD IT BY HALF. Stop making ridiculous rules about school lunches and whether or not a child is allowed to pray at a school function. Stop making and repealing rules about taxes. If you own a business, that business should pay taxes on the amount of money they make. the end. It doesn't matter what that business does, how many employees there are, or who owns it. If you own it - it pays taxes. If you are an American Citizen, and are employed, you pay taxes. Do not worry about how much each of us makes. If you simply tax each citizen a set percentage of their income, and no longer allow people to write off things, EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN would be paying money into the system. I personally believe that the Federal and State Income taxes were never designed to be permanent. Therefore, find a new way for the government to be funded. Stop taking money from me forcibly, and I'm more likely to give generously to you when you ask politely.

STOP SPENDING WHAT WE DON'T HAVE. In case you are shielded from International News, there are Countries and Nations all over the world that are shutting down government and having riots, upheaval, chaos - why? BECAUSE THEY SPENT MORE MONEY THAN THEY MADE.

If a business asked to raise their debt ceiling, their creditors and banks everywhere would laugh them out of the building, and they'd be declined. If you cannot pay your debt, you don't get to borrow more.

If the United States of America is out of money, then we need to look at it from a viewpoint of "How can we IMMEDIATELY rectify the situation?" The answer is simple - if we don't have the cash, we don't spend the money. I realize that in the spirit of good relations, we will never collect on the monetary debts that other Nations owe us from the past. There was a time when we loaned money to other Countries to assist them. That was awesome. However, now that we have no money, along with everyone but China, are you not concerned that soon, we'll be in trouble too?

Without the Federal Government starting the change it will never happen.

I choose to live debt free. I choose to live WITHIN MY MEANS. I no longer spend in the hopes that tomorrow, I'll have money to pay it back.

Do not raise the debt ceiling, I implore you. The worst possible thing we can do is to go further into the red.

We cannot declare Federal bankruptcy, but perhaps, just perhaps, you can pull your heads out of the sand, and realize that America can no longer provide things on the level we have in the past. It sucks. But it is business to cut costs in order to pay back debt. If you raise taxes, the American people will stop spending money, which will stop creating tax revenue, which will create a larger shortfall, which will cause us to fall deeper into debt.

I am not an economist, a politician, a lawyer, a journalist, a celebrity. I am, however, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, niece, friend, and businesswoman with a good eye for common sense solutions to problems.

Here is our problem (just in case your forgot) - America owes more money than She earns.

Here is our solution - STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE. Take the money we do have and budget it to allow us to get out of debt as fast as possible.

You cannot, and will never in a million years be able to spend enough money to make the money that we need to pay off our debts.

PS - Mr President - I am horrendously disappointed in your Administration. Quite frankly, if I were to publish my thoughts in any forum other my internal dialogue, I'd most likely be arrested for treason.

PPS - If we cut off the illegals from any government services, I'd bet we'd save a heap. Oh, and if you stop to think about the fact that there are children in this country who do live here legally that go to bed in shelters, without food, clean clothing, schooling...maybe we'd stop worrying so much about the rest of world for awhile and fix our own mess - it's hard to be respected for the good works you do for others when you are blind and ignoring of the issues in your own house.

PPPS - I will be sending an actual correspondence of some sort to every elected official from the State of Colorado on this measure, and one to you. Be aware.


Dear readers -

Thanks for letting me vent. I, quite frankly, don't care about your own political viewpoints. I know we each come from different places, have different values, different ideas of what "perfect" would look like in the world.

I do, however, hope we can all agree, that right now, America is a mess, and the ONLY way to fix that mess is for those who represent "we, the People" to remember just what that means, and that their best interests are not what matter at this time.

Please keep coming back to read me. I'm not normally this vociferous, but today, I just had to unload. Its been a long time coming...