July 11, 2011

Time Flies and Other Catchy Cliches

Holy freaking cow...I woke up this morning and realized that we are almost halfway through the month of July. HALF WAY people!!!!!

That means that my special little guy, my Captain Chaos will be starting Kindergarten in just another 5 weeks. Yup, you read that correctly. His first day of Kindergarten will be August 19th.

When BB went to the store LAST WEEKEND (as in before July 4th) there were ALREADY school supplies set up...

I normally LOVE school shopping and have secretly been looking forward to it since finding out we were pregnant with Capt...I know, I'm a freak. Deal with it!

Anyway...I looked at the calendar, thought to myself, "Oh! School supplies. That's early. I'll wait a bit and then go in a few weeks."

BB had to run into our Super Target this morning for something for work and called me to tell me that they are already running low on supplies and they aren't sure Corporate will send them more!!!!

At any rate, I'm off to make hay while the sun shines, make sure I'm the early bird getting the worm, and that while I won't be putting my cart before my horse, I will indeed be making sure I have a bird in my hand, therefore, making it worth 2 in the bush.

Because I'm just like that.

Feel free to throw your own cliche into the mix... :D Or tell me I'm a dork for being sad that I don't get to buy notebooks and protractors and compasses along with the crayons, markers, pencils, and glue sticks. OH yeah...and I need to go to an office supply store to get label tape for our label maker. Yes, I have one. And it ROCKS...I even have things like my storage containers in my pantry labeled. Placed on shelves that are labeled. Next up? After school supplies, I'll be labeling the toy buckets and shelves, and my Mary Kay office (don't ask why I'm celebrating 13 years with the company and am only now getting around to labeling my things permanently. Maybe I'm afraid of commitment.)

PS - camping was mostly awesome. More on that AFTER my work is done. No more creative avoidance for me.

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Layla said...

I kid you NOT - I saw HALLOWEEN CANDY at Walgreen's today. Seriously.

The kids in my town go back to school on August 1st. How sad is that???