May 11, 2011

Prayer Request!

My bloggy friend Layla is having another surgery tomorrow...

Please pray for her:
  • for the doctors to find the cause of her current (and any other) trouble and solve it.
  • for their wisdom and hands to be clear and steady
  • for her peace of mind - that she be calm and relaxed
  • for her husband to be at peace that she is in good hands and getting the best care and necessary procedures
  • for her recovery to be swift and easy
  • for Layal and J's future - a job for Layla and wisdom as they move down the path of their life together as husband and wife

1 comment:

Layla said...

Thank you so much, friend! I will graciously accept any and all prayers for all of those things you's a rough time. I'm praying it all improves after this. The surgery is actually Monday, but I'll take prayers before then, since I keep freaking out!!