March 08, 2011

Lenten Challenge

OK - first of all, let me qualify this by stating that I am neither Catholic, nor Lutheran, nor any any other denomination that promotes the practice of giving up something for the season of Lent.

However, I have decided after much prayer and meditation, that I need to focus on my faith, my family, and how the 2 intertwine. I need to focus on being the wife, mother, daughter, friend that I'm called to be, and teach my children to do the same.

That said, I'll still be posting here, but am giving up Facebook for Lent.

Yup, you read that right! Starting at midnight tonight, I'll be logging off Facebook for 40 entire days, not to be seen until Easter...and perhaps not then.

I know I have a ton of friends that I've connected and re-connected with, people about who's lives I only gain information because I log in. Multiple times a day. For copious amounts of time.

I'll be able to spend more time on my health - emotional, spiritual, physical, and even financial.

I was reading in my Old Farmers' Almanac that it's time to start the planting...even though it specifically states that our last frost will not be until the end of April, I think I'll be readying my gardens over the next nice days and purchasing seeds, and starting the early spring crops. I'll ready my flower beds, see if I can figure out how to fix the sprinkler system, ready for fertilizer and crabgrass preventative. I'll be working out - out of doors, out of this flabbiness I've allowed to remain for the last 30 or so years of my life, out of the boredom that causes me to nibble and nosh on unnecessary foods during the day. I'll be working over - my mind, my heart, my finances, my business opportunities, and the reasons social networking may or may not be a blessing in my life.

I'll be here. I'll get back to my Grace postings. I'll re-start my Proverbs 31 posts...hey! I might even post something truly profound!

See you later...just not on Facebook!

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