March 09, 2011

Grace in Small Things 03-08-11

A fairly good day, due to my new resolve to remain Facebook-Free until Easter week.

  1. I actually had dinner on the table at dinner time. GASP! Who knew???
  2. Not only was the kitchen cleaned up, and the kids bathed and jammied, but, I was actually able to have a full conversation with BB about something other than the kids' and their fiascos prior to turning in for the night. Our pillow talk actually included no talking at all. (and now you're blushing!)
  3. I made up 30 full days' worth of menus - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. So comforting to know that I can answer "what's for dinner?" any time you ask for the next month!
  4. Before accomplishing #3, I surveyed my pantry and freezer to make it easier. Now I not only know what we'll be eating, but I know that I have 97% of the ingredients already on hand.
  5. I only have to buy fresh produce and dairy products such as eggs and yogurt. Our budget will be so much healthier over the next 2 months due to this. (On a side note, I am appalled at how much food I have stock-piled in my pantry and freezer! We could open a food bank we have so much! I may just be able to pull off 2 more months of light shopping with the amount of food I have. YIKES!)

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