March 03, 2011

Grace in Small Things 03-02-2011

What Wednesday it was! (And how's that for an almost completely alliterative sentence?)

  1. Keeping my kiddos home from school to get them well and healthy again.
  2. Western Medication - sometimes, all the homeopathic and natural remedies do is keep things from getting really ugly. Littlest One is sporting the beginnings of an ear infection, and I took the kids to the chiropractor, and then we went to the pharmacy for meds.
  3. Spring weather. I grilled steaks for supper. Delish!
  4. A quiet 3-hour afternoon while all 3 kiddos slept resftully.
  5. BB was home at a reasonable hour and we actually got to just sit and talk to one another.
Glorious, really.

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