March 22, 2011

Grace in Small Things 03-21-2011

Monday, good to me...

  1. "Mommy Date" - met with some good friends at our Chik-fil-A and enjoyed some grown-up conversation with someone that wasn't related to me as well as some tasty coffee and pretty darn good hash browns.
  2. Double coupons. I know, I know, seriously, right? But our grocery store was doing double coupons up to $1 and triple up to $0.75 yesterday, unbeknown to me, so my long list of things to purchase was made much more delightful - I not only scored some great deals on items, I had a coupon for every loving thing in my basket, 90% of the were on sale with my store I was prepared for a large-ish total, but the checker was like "OH! You saved $127! I've never seen anyone do that before!" I felt like a celebrity rather than a freak for doling out coupons and checking prices against my list!
  3. Gas discount. Yup! I hit that magical barrier on my store card yesterday and have now racked up 3 discounts...I'm only hoping that we can find fueling stations at that grocery along the way for our trip to CA this summer and use them for something fun!
  4. Littlest One slept long and hard Sunday night, making a happy baby.
  5. Homemade pizza. I love my breadmaker. I made dough in it, and then used my awesome new oven to bake some pretty darn tasty pizza for way cheaper than it would be to just order in. PLUS - I actually knew that each piece would have enough meat and cheese to provide protein, and there was just the right amount of sauce....almost as good as a slice of pie from NYC...

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