March 21, 2011

Pick it Up, Clean it Up, Put it Up

For those of you wondering - yes, Part 2 did indeed happen on schedule.

I am blessed that BB is able to work from home one day each week. That day is Friday. Which meant for me that I was able to have him take Captain Chaos to school Friday morning, and he called in to his meetings from the lobby of our Church (where Capt's preschool is). I had close to 3 hours to get the upstairs done, and done it was, long before my 3 hours was up.

I had made a personal resolution back before January 1, that I would NOT let my work pile up. I have done fairly well - only letting things slide when I'm truly ill, or when the kids were throwing up. Honestly, there's really no point to cleaning the toilet because it is the day on which you normally clean toilets if someone is throwing up into said toilet every 20 minutes or so.

Anyway... Friday brought a very productive Momma at this house. Before lunchtime I had not only gotten the upstairs entirely cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed, and de-cluttered, I was also able to get every last piece of currently dirty clothing or blanket washed, dried, folded and put away.

Friday afternoon was free to wrap Littlest One's birthday gifts (we had her party Sunday), and insure that I had all my other shopping and errands done. This was WONDERFUL, as BB had a meeting-full day, so I was able to leave our 3 napping children at home while he was on various teleconferences, and did all my errands. Alone. No children. It was bliss! I honestly don't remember the last time I went to the library and didn't have to shush someone constantly...sigh...

Saturday dawned and found Littlest One and I alone at breakfast which was also a treat, as, quite honestly, we don't get much one-on-one time in which she is not getting a diaper changed, a bath, or being nursed in preparation of sleeping. We played, we sang, and I feel like I got to know a new side of my precious baby girl...very special.

After the rest of the family awoke and broke their fast, my Dad came over and the kids and I made homemade meatballs and gravy for our birthday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs with gravy. PS - when I say gravy, I mean "marinara sauce" or "spaghetti sauce". We don't do that sort of thing from a jar or can in our house...and if a bag of frozen, pre-made meatballs ever entered my house, I think God would strike me dead...seriously...

Again with the digression...phew! We finished making a mess of my kitchen, had lunch, snuggled the children into their beds for naps, and while BB picked up cake and a few other sundries, I began the task of cleaning my kitchen. It was done, BB was back and put some fertilizer down on our lawn. I cleared some more garden detritus from my beds, and grabbed my seeds to take inventory.

Sunday allowed me the luxury of somewhat leisurely doing the last remaining things like setting the table, doing a once-over for toys and things out of place (after all, we do live here all the time!), and sweep and vacuum. I do believe that my crumbs are like Gremlins post-feeding and getting wet...sigh...

I was relaxed, BB and the kids pitched in, so we were done even faster, to the point that I got to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and read the Sunday paper and peruse the coupons and sale papers.

We had a fantastic dinner (at lunchtime to further confuse you) with my folks, and my brother. Littlest One ate a giant bowl of pasta and meatballs, stayed relatively clean all things considered. We cleaned up, presented the ceremonial cake (which was a pull-apart butterfly of cupcakes), and her gifts. She lasted just long enough to rattle paper, chew on a few boxes and enjoy her new toys and then she slept for 2 hours. At that time, we cleaned up wrappers and boxes and had more coffee and cupcakes.

After our guests left, I was able to sweep up the crumbs, put the dining room back to it's usual state, put away pots and pans, run the dishwasher, and then sat for 2 hours. We enjoyed leftovers for supper (I do love me some cold pasta...), and played a bit, and then the kids went to bed.

BB and I turned in ridiculously early, and I slept soundly through the night...

This morning dawned and really, all I had to do was feed the family, tidy up a bit, and head out to a playdate for me with some friends at our local Chik-fil-A, then get the big kids from school. We picked up the rest of the grocery items I needed (things I forgot to get last week in my bliss at child-free shopping), and came home. The kids finished up and are settled quietly for naps.

I'm off to finish putting away the pantry items I bought and then call a hotel about a reservation for our upcoming trip to niece and nephew graduations in California.

It's been a good day, and I must admit that fasting from Facebook has led to a large decrease in screen time overall...which means that I'm doing actual physical things, talking to and seeing my friends more frequently. It's really nice.

I highly recommend it!

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