March 24, 2011

Grace in Small Things 03-23-2011

Sorry for missing the 3/22 edition...just one of those weeks.


  1. Parents that live 2 miles from my house. Seriously. My Dad took us to lunch at the local Chinese Buffet yesterday. Not my first choice of places to go, but it was his treat and his idea to introduce Captain and Princess to the concept of endless food. Oh joy...
  2. Those same parents that have major appliances/tools that they let us borrow. Used their Hoover Carpet Cleaner to get those stubborn stains out of Princess' carpet from the stomach bug earlier this month.
  3. Said appliances/tools. Wow...I can't tell you how much I abhor the idea of paying someone to do a job I am perfectly capable of doing and have the proper equipment to do. Would I love to not spend hours doing it? You bet - but knowing that it would cost me over $1000 to do all the carpet in my house makes it that much sweeter when I survey the newly fluffy and (mostly)spotless carpet. Plus I lost like 2 pounds what with all the walking, and my arms and core are sore this morning from the work as well. Bonus!
  4. BB is feeling up to eating somewhat normal fare which means that I only had a modified dinner last night, not 2 separate menus altogether. Much easier to insist my children eat that which is prepared when everyone in the house is eating it. Littlest One even enjoyed the Mexican fare with no ill effects! YAY!
  5. Playdates! We didn't have one yesterday, but, I scheduled 2 for next week while Captain and Princess are on Spring Break. Perhaps having extra children around will be lessened by the fact that there will also be adults with which I can converse and interact. Over coffee at a local place no less!
Hooray! And Thursday is shaping up to be a great one also!

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