March 17, 2011

Grace in Small Things 03-16-2011

A better day...
  1. Clearance racks in the children's department at big box store netted an almost 90% savings on summer items for Capt and Princess! Just need to purchase sandals...woot woot!
  2. A true 30-minute meal in a delicious skillet chicken and biscuit dinner for the kiddos and I. BB had to endure yet another day of scrambled eggs, pudding, Jell-O, protein shakes and yogurt.
  3. As a result of feeling guilt for still getting to enjoy crunchy and hard foods, I've cut waaaaaayyyyy back on intake and have lost an additional 1 pound since Monday. Down to where I was when the doctors told me almost exactly 2 years ago to lose 35 pounds.
  4. New motivation to get to that goal before end of this year? We're in the holding pattern of BB being called back to Shanghai at drop of hat. And he wants me to go with him badly enough that he'll let us use a credit card to pay for my visa(s) and plane tickets.
  5. The last day of having someone in the house who fits into the "enter 0 if you have a child not yet 1 year of age" on any paperwork we happen to fill out. It's bittersweet, but a small victory nonetheless - I feel as though Littlest One counts now in the eyes of the statistical world.

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