March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Littlest One

Dear Littlest One -

It is so hard to believe that one year ago today, I was watching your Daddy, brother and sister eat a giant breakfast and get ready for their day, as I was fasting from food, preparing myself mentally and physically to go to the hospital to welcome you into our world.

We didn't know if you'd wait until the actual day the doctors wanted you to join us, and I was happy you did. Just a few hours later, we were anxiously waiting in the operating room for the doctors to get started on the process to bring you along...and then, all of a sudden, we heard you scream in protest, and heard the exciting news that you were here, you were healthy, and you were you!

You were this little girl with perfect fingers and toes, a head covered in dark downy hair, little button nose, perfect rosebud mouth, and these giant eyes that couldn't quite decide if they were gray or blue. You would kick your legs in protest at anything - being unwrapped from your cozy blankets, having your little diaper changed, being taken away because you didn't think you were done eating yet...

You came into our home to a delighted big brother and sister, who claimed you as their own from the very moments you first blinked at them. They would smother you with kisses, hold your little hands, talk to you, share their toys with you, hug you, bring you things they thought you might need.

As you got stronger and bigger every day, they'd ask me when you would be big enough to play with them, and they delighted in making you smile and then giggle, and reach for them, and then laugh, and now, follow them around scooting on your bottom, hands grasping toys, laughing and chattering at them.

It doesn't seem possible to this Mama that the tiny little one who would snuggle close to drink her milk and be rocked to sleep is one year old today.

Better than any four-leafed clover and more precious than any peridot could ever be - you are, and always will be our precious Littlest One, forever.

We love you baby girl, so much more than you'll ever know!

Love forever and always, a million M&Ms -

Your Mama

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Lauren said...

Aw, happy belated birthday to your littlest!!!!