March 16, 2011

Grace in Small Things 03-15-2011

Been awhile, but here you go...we've had a rough week so far at our house (more in another post), which makes me so grateful to Mrs. X for inspiring me (and being inspired herself) to focus on 5 positive things in my life each day. I may not post them every day, but I am keeping an actual written Grace journal to help keep me focused on the truly important things.

  1. Vicodin. Don't laugh - BB had some gum grafts done Monday and was in serious pain, not wanting to take the medication because he thought he could just "man through it". I convinced him around 7pm or so to take it and he proceeded to sleep from 8pm until 9am.
  2. Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey. If you haven't checked him out, he's pretty amazing. Self-made millionaire that lost it all. More than once. Finally figured out a pretty fool-proof system. And then shared it with the world. Thanks to him, BB's $800 surgery was paid for in cash. At the time of the work. He said the receptionist about fell out of her little chair in shock at that much cash.
  3. Estimates that are over what the actual service costs. Thanks to their "conservative, worst-case scenario" policy, we actually have $200 in our medical fund for any other medical things - co-pays, prescriptions...heck, I might even sweet-talk BB out of $60 for a massage...hmmmmm
  4. Being an at-home, full-time parent only. I know it's easy to get bogged down in the trivialities some days, but I am indeed grateful to be at-home. BB and I would have NO vacation time if I was working, because one or more of the kids has been sick since December 28. Seriously.
  5. Darn good medical insurance through BB's company for relatively inexpensive...without it, we'd not only be out of vacation days, but I'd be working a 2nd job somewhere to pay our bills. YIKES! :D

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