February 13, 2011

Sans BB - Day 3

I honestly have no idea what today really is, day 3, day 2, day 4...

SO...Saturday was a good day. My dad took the kids to the local home improvement store. I shopped a bit. Got a ton done...lots of laundry.

Really, it was a lousy day after lunch. The kids didn't want to nap, I was exhausted from not sleeping well...the baby was up more than one time between when I finally turned in and when I wanted to wake up.

I went, of all places, to Wal-Mart Supercenter. On a Saturday morning. Of a pay-day weekend for many people in our community. Who don't speak English as their first language. Who always need a ton of things. And bring their entire families with them so that the majority of the group, while not fluent in English, has enough knowledge of the language between the generations and members to converse with people who do speak English as a first language.

I never go to Wal-Mart on principle, but they were close by and I needed to be in and out, had a specific list of 3 items I needed.

I went, found a spot almost immediately, unloaded Littlest One, went in, got a cart with a working seat belt, found what I needed, got in line, paid, loaded the items and Littlest One back in the truck, stopped at Fivebucks for an overpriced but very yummy Chai Tea Latte. Littlest One fell asleep clutching her sippy cup of "mamama" (her word for milk - mine only little snob that she is!), and blessedly slept from the time we got home, through the unbuckling of seat belts, and unzipping of coats, and sort of unceremoniously dumping of her into the bed. I didn't really dump her, but it wasn't very graceful or gently much to my chagrin.

After lunch, the kids melted down utterly, had the grandest of anti-naps, finally giving in an hour after they were put to bed the first time. Just in time for BB to call using the webcam.

We chatted for awhile, and he went and got breakfast (love the 15 hour time difference!), and I started dinner.

Bedtime was a comedy of screaming fits, temper tantrums...all in all, a nightmare.

I'm not certain I can handle another 14 nights of this.

This morning dawned after I'd been awake for 2 hours. I mistakenly thought BB said we would chat at 4am my time...what he'd said was we'd try to chat before he went to bed and around 5:30 or 6am my time, with 4pm being a back-up plan in case he was up and out with co-workers later than 8:30 or 9pm his time. Oops.

SO...I was up, and logged into the computer with the speakers at top volume, trying to stay awake. I gave up at 4:15 and slept until he called me at 5:55. We talked for an hour and then I got my day going.

Littlest One was up a few times again. It was not rough, she settled easily back to sleep, but I was wide awake.

Did you know that Comedy Central airs a movie with limited commercial interruption after midnight? Me either. Until last night. I sat up and watched the encore presentation of 40-Year Old Virgin. While I enjoy most Steve Carrell movies, and adore Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, as well as good old Sue Sylvester when she's not being Sue, but other snarky, domineering, sarcastic characters, I do not enjoy being blasted with Comedy Central's blanking out of unacceptable words. I'd rather hear the crassness that makes the movie what it is.

On another unrelated note: If you like Seth Rogen but don't care for crass or crude movies, skip Zack and Miri. It was funny, I laughed a lot, but it was really crass, very crude and quite graphic. BB and I laughed so hard we both skipped the crunches the next morning when we watched it.

My folks and brother came over this morning to have lunch and spend time with us. My brother, bless his heart, played with Capt and Princess for 3 1/2 of the 5 1/2 hours they were here. Building with Legos, Trios, Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, ate countless pretend cookies and drank countless pretend beverages. After the big kids went down for naps, he sat on the floor and played with Littlest One, who was flirty and smiley and absolutely adorable.

It was great.

I do have grand plans of getting many things done, which will have to wait until during nap time each day this week, and hopefully I can get a boatload of things done during the afternoon naps, and in the 2 hours between their bedtime and mine each night.

On my list?
  • prime and paint the bench seat that BB made for my kitchen
  • finish all the laundry, ironing, mending (I know, never ending until we become nudists right?)
  • sort out every stinking box, bag, bucket, basket, cabinet, drawer, cupboard, bin, container, under-bed box of paper records, and stuff that are lurking in my house to sort, file and purge.
  • clean my carpets
  • wash the inside of my windows - all of them
  • sort and price items for a garage sale - both virtual and actual
  • organize and inventory my deep freeze, inside freezer and pantry
  • make a master list of products and quantities to keep on hand in above-mentioned places
  • make a master list of "quick" meals along with ingredients for each
  • plan 6 weeks of meals and grocery lists that can be fine-tuned and tweaked based on sales, deals and coupons
  • download the banking files and update our Quicken. It's only been 19 months since I last did it. Gulp...
Many of these things can happen concurrently (ooh, there's the English Major!), such as having a load of laundry going while I'm sorting paperwork, or cleaning the carpets. I can make lists and menus while eating...I know it sounds like a lot to get done between now and the 27th when BB gets home, but really? It's not so much. It's tedious, it's time-consuming and mindless work that I've been putting off for many moons, and it's time.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, I have misplaced BB's watch. It's a Citizen Eco-Drive that was a $500 watch when I bought it for his wedding gift 9 years ago. To replace it would now cost me $900. Or, I could just turn the house upside-down and find it and get a $6.50 pin replaced in the band, sit it under a light source for 24 hours to recharge it, and, voila! BB's watch is restored. I feel like a schmuck. I should NOT have procrastinated taking it to the jeweler.

There Inkling! That should now make you feel better - I am NOT Martha Stewart, Julia Child, and Mary Poppins all rolled into one! :D

Alright, bedtime rapidly approaches, so I should start the painful process.

Please continue praying for us: That the kids will realize that life is going on, even with BB gone temporarily. That I'll get good rest. That I'll get this list accomplished. That I'll find BB's watch before he gets home so I can get it repaired. That he continues to enjoy a good time, safety and good health.

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