February 16, 2011

Great Scott!

Mrs. X posted that she's busily planning her special little man's birthday and it's only 29 days away.

Ummmmmmmm...that means that it's the exact same number of days til Littlest One's birthday...

First of all, I think it's really cool that her boy and my girl share a birthday. And that it's St. Patrick's Day.

Second, ummmmm...that means I have exactly 4 weeks to finalize plans...holy freaking cow!

That being said, why I am still sitting here posting on my blog instead of sleeping, and resting???????

OH YEAH! I remember - I'm having some medical issues that are weighing on my heart, and have been waking early in the morning for no apparent external reason...

I spent an hour or so in prayer yesterday morning, and felt very peaceful. Which was awesome since I had an unexpected doctor's appointment for myself that resulted in having an ultrasound today.

Nothing major. I think..Although, whatever method of "think happy thoughts" you use, please employ it on my behalf for my health, my peace of mind, my family...I'm sort of freaking out, and am just not ready to post it here quite yet. Perhaps when I know more, I'll be ready to share.

For now, just pray that all will be well, easily remedied and preferably without medical intervention. I'd just like to be normal, and not have to take chemical medications, or have a procedure done to right things.

Well, for now, I'm going to bed, and perhaps will accomplish more things on my list tomorrow!

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