February 13, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-13-2011

No, you're not reading the same post copied over and over...
  1. My folks. They are truly amazing! They came over today with my brother, and stayed for 5 1/2 hours just to play with the kids and spend time with me.
  2. Neighbors who love on us! My neighbor brought over some chili that her family didn't need. I borrowed some canned goods awhile back. She came over to borrow some vinegar. So nice in this day and age of not knowing the people you live near!
  3. Webcams. We were able to speak with BB yesterday right before our dinnertime, and again this afternoon. I also got to chat just us 2 early this morning, before he went to bed, and as I was waking up. So special!
  4. My scooter of a Littlest One. She won't crawl. She scoots herself around on her bum. So much so that she has a rug burn on her calf.
  5. The special snuffly kisses I get from her at the middle of the night feeding she insists upon having.

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