February 10, 2011

Sans BB - Day 1

I suppose this doesn't really count as a full day, since he worked from home for a few hours this morning, we went shopping after lunch, and stopped by his office to grab business cards before the kids and I headed to the airport with him.

We dropped him off around 1:30 local time. By the time I arrived back home at 2:30, he was already checked in, boarding pass in hand, and through security waiting for the server to bring him his first beer and his chips and salsa.

That's the good side.

The rough side is that poor little Captain was a collapsed heap of sobbing 4 year old before BB even unbuckled his seat belt at the airport. He is heartbroken that his Daddy is gone on a trip without us. Never mind that he's going for work, will be working, and that no one in China or India speaks English ( I know- I lied to my son!)...he wants to be with him SO badly right now...

The rough side is that our routine was entirely disrupted today. Littlest One got a nap this morning, per normal. But lunch was early, we were in the truck just long enough for her to sleep about 20 minutes, which is just long enough that she wasn't tired when we got home. Princess slept on the way to the airport and was unable to run around and play when we got home, so she's fighting the nap. Capt is distressed and not wanting to mind me.

I know, I know...showing grace is tough, because they will have to follow rules when they don't want to when they grow up and get into the "real world", but how can I look into those giant blue eyes, filled with tears and tell them they have got to take a rest?

Our lives will go on as normal - school, Church, bath and naps, meals, reading, handwriting practice, playing, laughing, errands...and they must still behave and follow the rules, even though half of their worlds are missing...

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