February 11, 2011

Sans BB - Day 2

Well, today was actually officially Day 1, since BB didn't actually leave until after noon yesterday...but you get my drift.

It was a pretty darn good day. Took Capt to school, the girls and I played and watched a video. We had a good lunch, the kids sort of napped...during which I got all my things together for a Mary Kay appointment that came out of the blue, and turned into a really great thing (more later on this). We had dinner, my folks came over to sit for the kids.

Princess and Capt were totally spoiled rotten, and Littlest One went down quietly, even though she didn't take the bottle I prepared for her.

My appointment started out as one of those calls from a former Consultant who said she was no longer selling the product, but this lady needed a new Consultant for her mother-in-law, could I call her please.

I'm so thankful I called this lady! We talked last week, and set up an appointment for tonight (nervously, I admit, as BB is gone, folks sitting for kids blah blah blah). Folks arrived, I loaded my stuff into the car, drove to their house, met a fabulous family - her MIL is Arab, speaks mostly Farsi, her 16 year old son translated for us (how many 16 yo's do you know fluent in anything other than snarky?), her husband offered his input for both of the ladies, the 13 year old son was even present asking for things...all in all, it was a profitable hour. I sold a goodly bit, and they want more in just a few weeks.


Came home, the kids were watching Nemo with my folks, Littlest One was sleeping (and still is).

The only downside is that BB's flight into Frankfurt was NOT conducive to sleeping, and his flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai was delayed 30 minutes, which means he's probably still in Customs. I'm hoping he's actually on his way to his hotel, and that he got some sleep over the last 10 hours...it's 1 Saturday afternoon there as I'm typing this, so I really, truly am praying that he had a restful flight from Germany to China, and that his hotel is fabulous and wonderful and comfortable and quiet so he can rest before he gets to work on Monday, their time.

I miss him...I hate his being gone, but know this is such a great thing - not very many companies are willing to send a "lowly" employee overseas these days, so it's an honor, and I know we're blessed he has a job, let alone one that affords us the financial blessings his does. Oh, and he loves what he does.

SO - please continue praying for us as he's away - that he has a great trip, stays safe and healthy, and that the kids and I are healthy, and have a good time together!

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