February 19, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-19-2011

A gorgeous day, doors and windows thrown wide, and many things checked off my list!

  1. Quiet time this morning with just Captain Chaos. It may have been short-lived, but I enjoyed some time with my special little man.
  2. Sunshine and Spring weather. It only got to about 55 out today, but I turned off the furnace, and opened all the doors and windows to let in fresh air, sunshine and get out any icky stale air and germs. Buh-bye now!
  3. Got a wonderful staging area set up in my basement, and the storage room unloaded to be gone through.
  4. The main floor is SPOTLESS. All the toys, books, magazines, dishes, trash, papers, and general other stuff that doesn't fall into one of those categories are put where they belong, floors are vacuumed, swept, scrubbed, counters are clear, and the kitchen got disinfected.
  5. I actually have no dirty laundry at the moment...I gathered up every scrap of clothing we've had on in the last few days, and aside from our PJs, all things are now washed, dried, folded, ironed, mended and put away..woo hoo!
What a super fantastic day!

I'm taking a computer sabbatical for the rest of the weekend. Oh, it's nice to be unplugged.

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