February 19, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-18-2011

Friday was a good day as things go. My mom and I went to a local bakery outlet and after lunch, we spent some time moving contents of our hall/entry coat closet and utility/laundry room closet and cleaning up those areas. Which leads me to:
  1. Bakery outlets ROCK! I got bread that is labeled as "sell by 02/27/2011" for 20% of the normal retail price, 10 loaves of it for what I'd normally pay for 2 at the grocery when it's full price. I picked up a total of $100 worth of stuff for less than $30. That's not factoring in the free stuff I "earned". People who know me IRL and are in my area, I'll share the store location if you want.
  2. My Mom is the best in the universe - known or unknown! She single-handedly knows exactly what is most efficient for me in my own home. I'm so not a grown-up...I need my mom to show me and tell me how things should go. :D I now have a spotless utility room, AND 2 tidy closets, with her promise to come over and help me redo some things in the kitchen.
  3. Tired kids. Littlest One and Princess slept for over 3 hours during afternoon nap. Bliss!
  4. Drive-through restaurants. I had promised myself that we'd be eating in from our freezer and pantry for the duration of BB's trip, but last night I was just pooped, and it was easier to load up the kids, take the drive to the nearest fast-food joint for dinner and come home.
  5. Not that I wish harm on people, but the accident that was just north of where we were, within plain sight was such a great topic of discussion for us! We talked about the importance of safety and following rules, and how great it is that we have such wonderful police officers, firefighters, and EMT's.

It was a good day. Oh, and it was sunny enough that we had the windows and doors open to allow fresh air in.

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