February 17, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-17-2011

It's early in the evening, but unless someone bought me the winning ticket to a lottery in which I win enough money to pay off all our bills and set us and several of our closest friends for life (Inkling and Farmie - that's you!)...I think I'm calling this day complete.

  1. The wonders of technology that allow me to talk to BB via webcam when he is halfway around the world.
  2. The wonders of technology that make it possible for tests to be done without requiring major surgery, which, in my case, would have ended up in an "ectomy", perhaps unnecessarily.
  3. Unlimited long distance on land line telephones.
  4. Fully automated washing machines. For some reason I was thinking about an episode of "American Pickers" I'd seen where they were all excited over an old 1st generation electric washing machine, which basically just sort of shook the clothes a lot in the tub, and then you still had to run them through the ringer, rinse them multiple times, and ring them again. Which then started me thinking about the books I'd read wherein the Pioneer women would have a laundry day and stand over tubs of water, or lug everything to a creek and literally stir and beat the dirt out of their clothing. Which then started me thinking about all those yards and yards and yards of calico, cotton, linen, homespun, wool and the like and how hot it must have been to wear those clothes, let alone how awful it would have been to wash them. UGH! Thank you, Electrolux, for figuring out how to fully wash a load of clothing in 18 minutes!
  5. My mom. 'Nuff said.
And now, my friends, thank's for sticking with me during this down time...it's nice to know someone out there is supporting me through prayers.

Goodnight, and thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

I've been sending you lots of positive thoughts that your problem will be resolved quickly and as painlessly as possible!