February 17, 2011

Update on Me

Well...after lots of weirdness with my body, I have to wait til Tuesday now to find out just how much more weirdness and what is causing said weirdness. Sigh.

SO...suffice it to say that sometimes, I wish I was a normal woman with regularity of hormones and such...

After one test, the results came back mostly good, but my doctor wants to make sure there's really not anything wrong, SO, I have to have a biopsy done on Tuesday. I'm frustrated that she was double-booked with patients all day today and tomorrow and they're taking Monday off...can you tell I'm not a patient person?

Yeah, well...I'm not. SO...continued prayers are much appreciated.

FarmWife - it was nice to talk to you on the phone today.
Inkling - I really wish I had unlimited international calling, or that you live south of the border.

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