February 09, 2011

Grace In Small Things 02-08-2011

It's been a rough week, as evidenced by my last post as well as several other things going on in my world. So this was a little hard to do, but really helped get things back in perspective for me...it's all about what's truly important and what I have some modicum of control over...

  1. Princess' dance class and new friends. A few of the moms are those moms - the ones that worry about buying only designer clothes for their 2 year old? Yeah, those, but the rest are real and so nice and fun to spend 45 minutes with. I do adore watching a group of giggly little girls attempt to do ballet and jazz...
  2. Littlest One has started this little shy routine when anyone not in her daily routine appears. If I'm blessed to be holding her, she buries her head in my shoulder and sort of peers out from her tangled lashes with her giant, vibrant blue eyes, and puts one finger in her mouth and smiles this crooked, one-sided smile. Precious.
  3. Captain is obsessed with finding "sight words" that he's learning in his Pre-K class. I'm so glad he's already loving learning and excited for school I pray we can hold onto and foster that for the duration of his formal education years!
  4. BB is all packed and ready for his trip. This is a blessing because it means tonight we can just be together as a family and enjoy each other, not worrying about getting things together and packed up!
  5. Dinner of roast with potatoes, carrots, and homemade applesauce was AWESOME! I heart my crock pot so much, more so now than ever.

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