February 03, 2011

Grace in Small Things 01-31-2011

Well, it's been longer than I intended since my last post, but here you go!

  1. BB's flexibility at work. Normally, this is a bone of contention for me, but with our weather recently, I'm grateful that he can leave work at 3:30 in the afternoon and work from our house.
  2. BB's handiness. Last spring we discovered that there was no insulation in the attic space above the master bath. He installed some. It has reduced our utility bill by 30% since then, and as are now experiencing subzero temps, it is a HUGE blessing!
  3. My children's innate intelligence. Princess already knows her entire alphabet by sight. That's huge, considering I've only put in about 25% of the time with her that I did with Capt! Plus, Captain can read about s dozen words.
  4. My bread machine. I made 4 loaves of bread. We ate about 2 of them right away, but still.
  5. A smart school district administration. They cancelled school for Tuesday by 4pm today.

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