January 31, 2011

Grace in Small Things 01-30-2011

A good Sunday, even though Church just didn't happen. Littlest One is sick with a nasty cold, and Captain had a stomach thing going on Saturday night. Boo. But...

  1. BB finished construction of the bench, with the exception of attaching a hinge to the seat so we can use the cavity for storage of my table linens. Now I have to prime and paint it. WOOT!
  2. The kids were able to play outside all day. Again. Therefore, they slept most of the afternoon. Again.
  3. Pizza for dinner. Can you tell I go through these spurts of not wanting to cook???
  4. Got to watch the Pro Bowl in its entirety uninterrupted thanks to the DVR.
  5. Snuggles with Littlest One most the evening and through the early hours of the night.

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