February 04, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-01-2011

Rough day...
  1. BB has a sinus infection, and it is -15 below. I'm thankful for his being home and not having to be out in the icky weather while ill.
  2. passive solar energy - I opened the blinds on the south side of my house and increased our internal temp by 15 degrees
  3. a well-stocked pantry - no run to the store for "last-minute" things. They were here already.
  4. a $0 budget each month. We use no credit cards, we use only cash, and what we don't spend each month, it written down as though dumped into another envelope for future use for things like oil changes, new tires, cat food, vet visits and the like. Very liberating.
  5. BB's impending trip to China and India.

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