January 17, 2011

Nothing of Import

I was really wishing for something profound to have happened over the weekend so I could post something amazing.

Alas...it didn't happen that way.

Here's what did happen:

  1. BB took us to a fun birthday breakfast for Princess of Everything, at which she proudly announced to our server "I'm free now. I'm big enough to drink a hot chalk-wet pweese." Adorable. She danced around in her little dress, "princess hair" and "princess shoes" all day long.
  2. We enjoyed a trouble-free birthday lunch with my folks, and were joined for gifts and cake by our wonderful neighbors.
  3. I dropped our 4 year old camera and broke it. The lens has to be replaced in order for it work.
  4. The extended warranty of 4 years for it expired on New Year's day.
  5. I was perturbed and disgusted at myself for butter fingers.
  6. I did get one photo of the cake prior to candles being blown out as well as all the gift photos and other photos from the day.
  7. We were able to go and pay cash for a pretty darn fancy camera. It is still classified as "point and shoot", but it feels like a "real" camera - you know with a real lens and knobs and stuff. Here it is so you can ooh and aahh over it with me. My New Camera
  8. I successfully updated and uploaded a new book to Captain's Tag Reader. Love that product!
  9. My weight fluxuated a total of 7 pounds over the weekend, but I ended up with only being down one pound.
  10. I'm the proud new owner of a shiny new dual-oven convection range with snazzy features and awesome capabilities. I baked cinnamon rolls in less than 10 minutes Sunday morning. I'm also the proud new owner of Kitchen-Aid's brand new convection microwave. I can now cook a feast for a family of 12 and not have to stagger what goes in the oven in which order because we don't have room. I can roast up to a 5 pound bird in my microwave. Or, I could put the bird in my bottom oven along with other things that need to slow cook (like slow roasted potatoes and veggies), while the pie can be baked in either my microwave OR my upper oven. Of course, I could also put my casserole in the upper oven while the bird and dressing roast in my bottom oven. I can also bake 2 full trays of cookies at one time in the bottom oven while I bake the 3rd tray in my upper oven. OR, I can bake a few at a time in my convection toaster oven (which I've done before) or the microwave.
Last night we grilled steaks in our new microwave, and they were pretty darn good. Juicy, tender, just slightly past my preferred Medium Rare, but still delicious! I also baked potatoes at the same time, and we had a salad to go along with it.

I'm feeling the love for my kitchen and am actually excited about meal planning and cooking at home.

We are, however, going to be doing a few "Survivor:Pantry Edition" weeks at our house.

I am embarrassed at the amount of food I have in my freezer and pantry. I only spent $18 at the grocery after coupons and discounts last week to buy fresh and frozen produce, a couple loaves of bread, some yogurt, cheese, eggs and deli meat. I have everything else I need either in the pantry or freezer to have 3 complete, balanced meals every day for like 6 weeks. I think I may just do 2 weeks of eating meals based only on what I have on hand, to use some of the things up.

I'll be baking some Pumpkin Spice cookies, and we'll be having some tasty chicken dish tonight. On the menu for tomorrow is a slow-cooked roast with potatoes and carrots, followed by salmon teriyaki with brown rice and steamed broccoli, Thursday night will be a new recipe I found in an ancient cookbook for Chicken Divine that uses everything I already have with the exception of a fresh onion. I'll be using dried onion flakes instead. Friday will be either burgers or homemade pizza (depends on how much fresh veggie supply is left).

I'm bound and determined to not eat out again until after BB's return on Feb 27. Think we can make it that long?

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Penny said...

I'm with you on the eating out thing..now that tax season is here, I'm using some great crock pot recipes that i have found..since there is only 2 of us, I can cook 2 times a week and eat 7 days and some lunches!! woo hoo!!