January 19, 2011

Derailed...I Think...

WELL...I am a bit perturbed at myself. In our City, trash is collected 4 days each week. Monday through Thursday our drivers are out there picking up our junk. 2 weeks out of each month, I get my recyclables picked up. It's great. We have single-stream now, so everything recyclable just goes in one bin and out to the curb. I'm pretty lucky to have options like that I know.

We've been on 4-day weeks for 2 years now, to help mitigate costs, and keep our budget down so we don't have rates and taxes increased. I'm pleased with it. It works for us because we compost almost all our veggie waste and about 20% of our newspapers, along with our eggshells and coffee grounds. Our recycling does fill up because we recycle everything that comes into our house that is allowed in our City's system. If it doesn't qualify for curbside, I take it once a month or so to the recycling center that we have.

About 6 months after we started the 4-day weeks, our City came up with the SUPER plan that when an Holiday was observed during a work day, our trash pick-up would get bumped to the next day in order that our workers could have the paid holiday off, to save money. I'm not sure how this works because our drivers still get paid holiday pay, PLUS their normal 4-day wage, PLUS a day of overtime pay. I think it would be cheaper to have them pick up normal schedule and get the standard double-time-and-a-half for working a holiday, plus 3 normal days, but what do I know? I'm just a mom...

Anyway...the reason for this post? Yesterday (Tuesday) would have been our normal trash and recycling day, but due to our City's observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (don't get me started...), our pick-up is bumped to Wednesday. Yesterday was GORGEOUS - almost 60 degrees, sunny, clear skies. We played outside, there was no wind, it was spectacular. This morning started out clear and chilly, but nothing crazy. Normally, our pick up is done and I have my bins back inside my garage before lunch.

Today, for some reason, they were late. As if in response to some terrible joke, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, it started snowing like mad, and the cans tipped over. Now, I don't know about where you live, but our system is mostly automated. Nifty robot arms come out and grab the can, lift it up, tip it over and shake out the contents into the truck. If the can is tipped, it doesn't get picked up.

SO...out I went, braving the insanity, picked up the cans, weighted them down with our normal windy weather weight, and came back inside. I got the kiddos settled for an early nap as I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I heard 2 large thumps and peeked out my window. Through the blowing snow, I saw both of my cans tipped over again. If I hadn't seen any of the neighbors' cans tipped I'd have thought someone was trying to be funny.

SO...3 more times I dashed out there and got them picked up. After the trucks finally came and emptied them, I hustled down the driveway and retrieved them. On my way back up with the 2nd can, I twisted my ankle.

I actually think I sprained it.

Now, I ask you, how am I supposed to be caring for my family and our house with a sprained ankle, let alone able to work out??????

I was making such good progress too!!!!

Please be praying for me that I would be able to maintain a positive attitude and keep my motivation up. I'm ready for summertime and trips to the park and playgrounds so we can run, ride bikes, swim, run through sprinklers, work in my gardens...

I know it's only one month into winter by the calendar, but I'm ready for the baking heat, and glaring sun of summertime.

I'm not usually like this...help!


Anonymous said...

ice and elevate..prayers for you

Penny said...

prays for you and let me just say as I sit here watching it snow (we are supposed to get 3-6 today) that I am so over this stuff! I am way way past ready for warm weather....