January 25, 2011

Grace in Small Things

Today, I'm taking my cue from Mrs. X (and her inspiration who's name I cannot remember), and simply posting 5 things for which I am grateful, loving, happy...positive about! Because today was stinky, but I'm not going to whine or share the details and perpetuate it!

  1. BB is working hard and being recognized around the world of his company (which is literally present in most major countries around the world) for what he's doing. This means he's being rewarded and accoladed. This means he's happy and less stressed.
  2. Princess of Everything knows about 30% of the alphabet by sight. She knows "so much" that her preschool teacher wants to move her up to the next class. I must be doing something right!
  3. Captain Chaos befriended a little girl named Tessa today at Princess' dance class. By class-end they were sitting cheek to cheek listening to stories on his TAG reader.
  4. Littlest One has been extremely snuggly today. It's nice to have someone who wants to be close to me just because. Not looking for anything in return. Just because.
  5. I have lost 5 pounds.
I think that makes today pretty darn good!



Anonymous said...

Yay! Another Grace participant!

And total congrats for losing 5lbs. That's awesome!

Penny said...

That is just wonderful!! we often forget about our daily blessings because we spend time looking for the BIG blessings...so I will list mine:
1. so glad my hubby has a job that seems to be extremely stable..
2. and my job, taxes, though no one likes them..they do pay for the mortgage for us...
3. we have 4 healthy grandkids with another one one the way..there are so many we know who have sick kids..cancer sick..makes my heart so sad..
4. we belong to an amazing church that just opened a 4.5 million dollar childrens wing..how amazing that God has allowed and provided for this!!
5. I have gained all 16 pounds that I lost in Oct and Nov..it makes me sad..but I will not go back on the prozac and I WILL learn how to handle my stress better, not with chicken salad and my favorite salt and cracked pepper chips!!

thanks Kork..I really needed to say all that out loud!!