January 24, 2011

Showing Grace in and Un-Grace-full World

Please be praying for me and my family. Last night, we got the unofficial news that BIL and SIL will not be reconciling.

The whole mess of the situation - the history of what led to this choice by BIL is causing me to be struggling a lot right now.

It's hard to show grace and unconditional love and mercy when you have walked a mile in the shoes that SIL now faces herself. I know my walk in those shoes was not identical to what hers has been and will continue to be, but I do know what it's like to find yourself in this position.

This is what is causing me my struggle. I want to be her advocate, to fight this fight for her, and to fight it against him.

Please be praying for the whole family, that we'll continue to love one another and not be separated by this choice. Pray for me, that I'll be the woman God is calling me to be - that I can choose to show grace and mercy and just love BIL, and not get stuck in the sinful human nature that is there and get mired in the anger and resentment toward him.

I know it's ok to hurt over this - ok to be angry that this is what he's chosen, and the fallout it will cause.

I'm not asking to not be angry - I'm asking to handle the hurt and anger in a better way than I previously have in my life.

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