January 27, 2011

Grace in Small Things 01-26-2011

Wednesday was a good day for us! Much better than Tuesday, which therefore makes this list harder to formulate, but here it is!

  1. Littlest One practically throwing herself at my mom when I dropped her off yesterday. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside knowing how much she loves her Grammy! (Added bonus: that means Grammy will be more likely to "sit" for the kiddos in the future!)
  2. Clean toilets. Don't laugh, but sometimes, I forget how long it's been since I last truly scrubbed said items. Sooo...when I gear up to do it and find it already done (bless that BB of mine!), it's like a little magic fairy dust got sprinkled in my life!
  3. Fivebucks coffee. I don't care what I spout about being debt-free and "living like no one else, so later I can live like no one else" some days, a Momma's gotta have her Fivebucks. And when someone shows up with a random cup and says "I was thinking of you"...well, that's even better.
  4. Trials and tests. I was recently notified that I was selected to test a new workout series for a company from whom I've previously purchased merchandise. I get to test it for 20 weeks. FREE OF CHARGE. This is like a $600 program, including some awesome supplements and their recovery drink for the duration. If I love it, I keep it. If I hate it, I send it back. No harm, no foul, no money out my pocket! WOOT!
  5. Freshly washed children and babies. I love me a good bath night with the kids. There's just something fun about watching them splash and play and hearing them giggle and shriek. And then, when they're all dry and shiny and snuggled in their clean jammies, getting to snuggle in bed with them to read stories and sing songs (or rock Littlest One while she nurses)...sometimes I think that's what Heaven must smell like.

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Penny said...

woo hoo on all accounts!!! sometimes the simple things are so exciting!! today I woke up with a headache and just decided to stay home from work..slept in till 9am! but now, I'm working from home, remotely connected to the office and I get so much more done when I dont have to deal with phones or people..doing laundry, making supper, clipping coupons..made some boiled eggs for hubby..just seems like I can multi task so well when I'm home alone..and I have drank a whole POT of coffee..lol that helps too..and right now, I'm gonna go update my blog, which is something I have not done for over a year..thanks for the inspiration...