January 31, 2011

Grace in Small Things 01-29-2011

Somehow, I got busy and didn't get this posted, but better late than never I suppose!

  1. BB began construction of our built-in bench for the kitchen in earnest today. We have sawdust people!
  2. The kids played wonderfully and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air, playing outside for HOURS today.
  3. As a result of #2, we had all 3 taking naps at the same time. For 3 hours. Bliss!
  4. Free lunch! I ordered in sandwiches as a huge thank-you to BB for his hard work, and they were slammed and understaffed, and our lunch was an hour from order to delivery, so they cancelled my credit card and we got free lunch.
  5. Some unknown person left dinner for us on our doorstep. We had a free dinner of homemade fried chicken, biscuits, gravy, salad, pudding, cookies...I love random gifts like that!

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