January 29, 2011

Grace in Small Things 01-28-2011

A fabulous Friday
  1. 62 degrees. In January. Need I say more? OK - I will. Doors and windows thrown wide, fresh air, kids playing outside, furnace did not run between 8:30 am and 9:00pm. Sigh.
  2. BB worked from home. Normally not on my list, but he actually went into his office, closed the door and while he was home, it was as though he wasn't. In fact, when he came out for lunch the kids sort of freaked out. They promptly forgot he was here afterwards which was even better.
  3. Glass company came and replaced our window (shot by a B.B. gun over Christmas). Took him 27 minutes from knocking on door til he was buckling his seat belt and pulling out of my driveway.
  4. Mexican for dinner. Service was mediocre, but the enchiladas were great.
  5. Kids in bed and sleeping before 8pm meant BB and I actually got to have conversation and catch up on our shows backlogged on the DVR. I must say that I grow to adore "Chase" more every episode.
A great start to our weekend.

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Penny said...

very nice...what seems normal to some is ultra normal to others..I wish we could open doors and windows..nada..snow and freezing rain headed for the central indiana area...again...oh well,it is winter,right?? spring come soon, please?