January 29, 2011

Grace in Small Things 01-27-2011

A fairly good day. Accomplished much, and got some good news!

  1. Received the acceptance letter from the Public School at the top of our "wish list" for Captain's kindergarten experience next year.
  2. Received the email with our placement in the Lottery for the Charter Academy which is truly the top of our wish list. Not thrilled that we're so far down the list, but I know it's truly random. If God wants us there, He'll have to make it happen.
  3. Had a good morning with the Moms' group at Church.
  4. Got to enjoy a piping hot supper as Littlest One crashed hard and took a 3-hour afternoon nap. She woke after supper was over.
  5. BB came home early and spent a relatively relaxed evening at home with us waaaay before bedtime.
Friday was much better...

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