December 02, 2010

Back and (Hopefully) Better Than Ever

I had a post that was somewhat negative and whiny all ready for me to hit publish. Then I changed my mind and deleted the text instead.

I have a deep question for you today.

When you do your laundry, do you prefer powder or liquid? Scented or un? Do you use fabric softeners or dryer sheets? Do you air dry or dump it all the dryer? Do you iron any of your items and if so, do you use starch or just water?

these are the things I'm contemplating today as I re-wash all our clothes from our trip to wash out the perfumy soap and dryer sheet residue from our clothes...

For the record, I prefer powdered detergent, unscented, and liquid fabric softener. I air dry 90% of our clothing (socks, towels, diapers, and jeans go in the dryer, but not together). I iron all sorts of things, but am not like a girl I knew who ironed her socks and jeans...

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Inkling said...

Kork, you are so funny and adorable and wonderful all wrapped up together into one lovable you.

I prefer unscented detergent (powdered for grown-ups and kiddos, liquid for wee babes and handwashables) and unscented generic dryer sheets. I confess that my carbon footprint is at least a size 13 because I HATE drying my clothing on a line. Granted, I don't have a clothesline and it rains here too much to make it workable, but there is just something yucky about crunchy towels and stiff jeans and sheets that do not smell like sunshine but remind me of my former students coming in from recess. And yes, you may call me crazy. But that's just me. I like my dryer, well, not my dryer since it sucks, but dryers in general.

And all of this is to say that I used to be a scented girl all the way until a bottle of Gain and a first trimester pregnancy totally ended that forever in me. Somebody really should talk to the people at Gain. Their stuff stinks, makes me gag when I'm pregnant, and gives me headaches when I'm not pregnant.

I was in your state today for two hours and was shocked to see no snow. It was even hot in the sunshine at the airport. Talk about weird. But at least my husband didn't get to tell me that I should have listened to him and kept my down jacket out of the checked luggage for our layover. =)