November 04, 2010

What Have I Done?

Today, reading a blogger pal of mine (at least, I consider her a pal...I hope she thinks of me as her friend!) I joined a virtual book club.

It's a book I've not read, but has obviously impacted the women who've read it, and this particular blog.

I'm going to have to find time to get to the bookstore this weekend and pick up a copy. I shall then read it through once, and then will dig in to try and get inside of it.

I'm not certain how I'll fit this group - they all seem to be (from their comments) the type of women I wanted to be...hip, trendy, cool, put together, accomplished, intellectual...I do know that they all subscribe to this natural, Sears baby-wearing, organic lifestyle that once upon a time I would have happily labeled "Granola" know the type - the ones that only buy food from Trader Joe's or Farmers' Markets, who wear hemp and organic cotton, who use only "clean" and "green" in their households - who make everything from scratch and won't eat anything packaged.

And now that I've type that, I think I described myself these days pretty accurately. I know a friend of mine who fits that description pretty darn well too and hope she knows I'm not trying to be insulting...

My concern is that these women are not saved. In fact, they shun "tradition" and "conservative values" as old fashioned, out of date, uncool and flat out wrong. Several of them come from abusive backgrounds of various sorts, most have gone through some sort of IF treatments to get to where they are today. They sometimes come across as these sardonic people - full of wit, sarcasm, clever one-liners. And yet, I can feel the underlying hurt in their hearts, the questing for true love and acceptance, for grace and forgiveness, for healing.

My prayer as I journey with these ladies through this club is that somehow, some way, God will work through me to plant seeds, to perhaps show Him to them, that all their preconceived ideas and notions are inaccurate, and that God is still God, and that man, in his sinful nature, has skewed and warped things.

Please be praying for me as journey through this book.

Also - I will be getting back to a posting of my studies of the Proverbs 31 woman. I promise!!!!

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