October 20, 2010

Dear Politicians...

Please be aware that as a Registered Voter, I do not want to hear what things candidates are not doing.

I am aware of the fact that parties and candidates are at odds as they want control of the their office, be it local, State, or the Federal level. I am aware that political parties want me to think that the "other guys" are evil, spawn of Satan, and will destroy the very fabric of society!

HOWEVER - tell me what you are going to attempt to do to correct the things that need correcting!

Don't spout at me how Candidate A voted for tax increases, or to cut jobs, or to stop helping elderly women across the street...tell me what measures you're supporting or proposing to cut taxes, create jobs and help those cute little old ladies cross the street again!

I will tell you that I am less likely to vote for those candidates running the negative campaigns.

I will visit your website, I will send you a letter, I will call your campaign office to ask my questions. I will seek out information from independent sources and determine on my own the issues, the measures, the values and ethics you claim to hold. I will seek out and destroy your lies. I will vote for the candidate that will truly represent me and my neighbors, NOT the party line.

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