September 17, 2010

Survey Says...

Littlest One is normal.

To qualify that statement, let me explain:

Littlest One turned 6 months old today, and to celebrate her first half-year outside the womb, we went to the pediatrician, and she got immunizations, poked, prodded, measured, and weighed. She was not found wanting, in case you were wondering.

She has not quite doubled her birth weight, has grown a total of 6.5 inches and her noggin is in the 95th percentile. I assume that means that her brain is also appropriately large, to fill the space in that noggin of hers...

She's on par developmentally for her age range (I wasn't worried about that), and is ready to go to the next stage of baby food - slightly less pureed. Good times.

All in all, it was a good visit, and we're doing our job as parents alright from the doctor's standpoint.

Stay tuned for more exciting stories from my house!

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