September 18, 2010

Old Time it is A-Flyin'

Happy 6months and 1 day to my Littlest One.

I am having trouble with the fact that you are suddenly this little person with a personality that is rapidly emerging. You are my happy, smiley, chubby-cheeked baby girl and I love you immensely. I am amazed at your growth, and all the things you can do. I love how you smoosh up your face and look seriously at me, only to break into your lopsided grin and give a great big guffaw. I love when your little hands open and close, your fingers grasping to hold my hand, my shirt, or your blanket close to your cheeks. I watch you as you follow your big brother and sister with your eyes, squeaking and yelling to draw their attention off their big kid lives onto you. I adore the folds in your elbows and the dimples in your knees. I could breathe the scent of the back of your neck all day long and not grow tired of it. I will tickle your tiny pink toes and revel in the sound of your giggle. I will never tire of watching your Daddy lift you up and hold you, foreheads together, gazing into each other's eyes, hearing him call you his Pretty. I will always listen to your conversation, even if it is nothing more than a string of sounds put together as you hold your frog over your head in your crib. I love watching your mouth open wide, like a baby bird, seeking out food during meals. I love the way you reach your chubby arms up to me when you need me, holding tight to my neck, and burying your head in my shoulder. I love the way you snuggle in, snorting, and snuffling, looking for milk. I love how your big blue eyes with their tangly sooty lashes sparkle and light up when you see me. But best of all, I love when you relax, bit by bit, muscle by muscle and sink into sleep in my arms, and your breathing calms and you are totally at peace, resting, trusting in me to protect you.

I love you my Littlest One, and can only imagine great things in store for you as you grow each day.



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