September 16, 2010

Let's Get Physical

And now that you'll be singing that song all day long with visions of Olivia Newton-John dancing in a leotard, leg warmers, and that awesome sweat band a la Solid Gold...

I am blessed to be able to be a part of a Weight Loss Challenge group. We are meeting at our local Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store, and the OWNER is going to be teaching us and coaching us. I don't care at this point if I win the challenge and have the best results out of our group - what I care about is that I'll win by becoming healthier!

Now, before you go getting all up in my grill about stuff - let me assure you - this is much needed! I stepped on the scale yesterday and weigh as much as I did the day Littlest One was born 6 months ago! I've actually gained MORE WEIGHT in the last 6 months than I had the entire previous 6 YEARS!!! Sigh...

and so, I'm meeting with this amazing group of ladies, being coached by a guy with a double degree in biology and chemistry, who is a certified trainer, a certified sports nutritionist, runs marathons, is, in fact, an extreme marathoner, and weighed as much as 320 pounds (he's 5'7"), and has, as he put it, swallowed his own medicine, and has lost and kept off an insane amount of weight - he said he had to lose over 80 pounds before he could walk more than 20 minutes on the was amazing...

SO, we weighed in last night, and learned a little bit about how we'll be doing things. Rest assured that we'll be doing nothing crazy or insane - and in fact we'll be monitored quite closely to insure that we're eating enough food, and the right kind of food.

He kept telling us over and over last night "you're not going to get healthy or unhealthy, fit or unfit, with the things you do occasionally." I know that sounds crazy, but he put it this way - if you eat fried chicken 6 days a week, and then have a salad on the 7th day, you're not going to get fit. Likewise, if you eat salads 6 days a week and have fried chicken on the 7th, you are not going to get unfit.

He also pointed out that we'll not be counting calories, or weighing portions, or living off a limited list of acceptable foods and beverages. He reminded us that correcting and maintaining our good blood chemistry is what is crucial, and that we'll learn how to do that with good food choices. His other comment was good - you can eat 2000 calories worth of good foods like fruit and veggies and have a completely different body and health situation than the person next to you who is eating 2000 calories of lard.

I'm excited, and hopefully will have good news next Wednesday after I weigh in with him again!

Just for the record - and to keep me accountable - I am 5'4" tall, and weighed in last night, fully dressed with shoes at 168 lbs.

That is scary to me...I know that some of you are thinking that's not bad, I'm crazy, blah, blah, blah...but again, let me assure you - I have a family history of not good things in regards to health - cholesterol and heart conditions, my parents are both Diabetic, and that's just the stuff we know about! BB has some nasty stuff as well, in his family, and I'm hoping that can incorporate some of the things I'm learning in our family!

Well, that's it for to finish some housework, get the kids working on something fun and educational, and then, while they snooze today, I'll be taking an inventory of the equipment and workout DVDs I have...

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