September 15, 2010

GO Speed Racer!

A quick post before I make hay while the sun shines, or, in my case, the kids all nap at the same time.

I'm joining a group tonight, of ladies from my town, for a Weight Loss Challenge. I'm excited, because I'm getting $500 worth of services for only $75. It's still steep, but I told BB that I need some outside accountability. It is much too easy for us to roll over and say "Let's work out tomorrow morning. The bed is cozy, it's cold, we can snuggle, I'm tired...". It is too easy for me to say "I'll work out while the baby sleeps."...

In short, I need a kick in the seat of my pants, I need some ideas for my diet, and work out strategies. Who knows, I might even join up with the local Tuesday Night Running Group and start running more than just after my children!

Well, toodles, I'm logging off to do more laundry, marinate some chicken for dinner, iron some shirts, vacuum some carpet, and possibly clean a bathroom or two.

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